Rizonia Vythilingam
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Author of Forgiveness, Coach and Transformational Speaker.
Author | Transformational Coach | HR-Leadership Practitioner

“Rizonia Vythilingam is an international transformational coach, author, speaker, leadership practitioner, and diversity and inclusion advocate who values dedication, commitment, service, and excellence. She has been at the forefront of diverse talent, linking arms with leaders to cultivate a workforce with employees and communities, empowering people across the globe centered on inclusion throughout various industries. Rizonia sheds light on how the invaluable talent each person brings to your organization and the positive impact that leaders foster to create healthier and happier workplaces.


Rizonia learned the value of a strong mindset and dedication at an early age growing up in South Africa, as the first of four children in a values-based home. Her dedication, hard work, and determination to avoid a life of struggle and mediocrity inspired her to take a strong stance in equipping women who struggle with personal economic security, enabling learning mindsets, and bringing hope and transformation to help find their voice and become agents of change.