Rikki Arundel
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Virtual Keynote Speaker - Storytelling Coach - Gender Expert

Rikki Arundel is an award-winning virtual keynote speaker, diversity trainer and presentation skills coach. After founding the UK and Ireland Professional Speaking Association (PSA), their career as an international sales and technology speaker almost ended when they changed gender.

Faced with considerable discrimination, Rikki completed a master’s degree in gender research and established themselves as a social entrepreneur and diversity speaker, specialising in gender and LGBTQ issues, including delivering two successful TEDx talks. 

Rikki now identifies as “transgender non-binary” and delivers virtual and in person keynote presentations and workshops on gender equality, public speaking and storytelling, and features as a regular guest on podcasts and radio shows.

In addition to working with organisations keen to raise awareness of gender diversity and create more inclusive and profitable workplaces, Rikki also works with c-suite executives and professional speakers to help them write and deliver outstanding keynote presentations.


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Rethinking Sex and Gender

The increase in the visibility of gender non-conforming celebrities in the past decade has encouraged and inspired trans people of all ages to “come out.” And not just people changing gender.  Many more people now identify as neither male nor female - defining themselves as non-binary.    

As a result of this we are all increasingly likely to encounter gender non-conforming people as friends, colleagues, or service users. Sadly, there has also been a substantial increase in anti-trans activity encouraging people to discriminate which has resulted in an increase complaints of discrimination and harassment. 

This highly engaging and entertaining presentation will enable leader to better understand the changing attitudes towards sex and gender, address gender conflict in the workplace, engage more effectively with trans and non-binary people and create a more diverse and inclusive work environment for everyone.

Business Leadership +2
Diversity Gender +8


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