Rick Denley
Rick Denley
Growth Leadership & Sales Expert
Rick is a leadership expert and speaker who combines strong mentoring skills along with coaching tactics with real world knowledge and experience to assess required individual and organizational change that assists people and companies in punching through their growth ceilings. Rick’s background includes a successful career that has spanned several decades and seen him lead Canadian divisions for multi-nationals based in Japan (Matsushita Group), France, (Schneider), USA (Emerson), and Germany (Phoenix Contact). Rick took this success and its learnings and ‘Reinvented Himself’ as an entrepreneurial speaker to be able to help more people and companies exceed their growth goals through strong leadership.

Rick Denley is a SALES and LEADERSHIP EXPERT and KEYNOTESPEAKER helping develop companies and individual contributors to lead change and achieve breakthrough growth by sharing elements of his GROWTH FORMULA. Each event blends original research with compelling stories generated from his 30+ years of leadership that move participants to take action! Rick has worked with some of the worlds leading companies and individuals to initiate change, inspire innovation and deliver growth.

On stage, Rick combines a confident, engaging and at times humorous approach to sharing relevant content. Rick’s style of enthusiastic story telling captivates audiences of all kinds and leaves them with an increased knowledge and motivations to make necessary changes via call to action! Rick’s extensive background in transformational individual and organizational growth strategies, combined with his own life experiences, has driven positive change to thousands.

Rick is:

1. #1 Best Selling author; Reinvent Yourself! , co-author in Dynamo Diaries 2.0, and many articles on growth and leadership.

2. Keynote speaker; Reinvent Yourself, Leadership Your Way, Evolution of the Customer, Selling 2.0

3. Undefeated amateur fighter – Ricks philanthropy efforts in raising awareness and funds towards cancer research, helping those with Cancer and to flat out beat cancer!

"If you are looking for a speaker who will blow your team’s socks off, look no further and hire Rick Denley IMMEDIATELY! We have him speak at our Habitude Warrior Conference each year and he is one of our fan favorites. He brings energy, creativity, and a ton of knowledge. Your audience will leave inspired and full of techniques to grow exponentially!  

Hats off to Rick Denley!"

CEO of Habitude Warrior, Erik Swanson 



These are example talks for Rick Denley

Grow Your Leaders, Grow Your Business
Rick addresses key areas impacting how organizations can grow through leadership of people and implementation of process. Sharing statistics that support changing trends in buying habits due to advances in technology, different generations and economic factors.  Rick shares best in class strategies needed to retain & grow your client base while retaining and engaging your top talent. Attendees will will leave energized and educated and committed to growth CTA (call to actions) for immediate use!
Business Leadership
Business Consulting Business Development +5
Reinvent Yourself!
Most people are not living the life they want. They have an idea of what they would like it to be and how they would like to be but they haven't acted on it.
One of the major reasons is that there are missing pieces. You’ve got the passion, however you lack the plan. It is the reason I wrote the #1 best selling book Reinvent Yourself.
Rick's energetic and informative talk is designed to help audiences PUNCH through barriers that have been preventing you to getting to be where you want to be and the person you want and need to be , to tackle whatever  whatever MESS you’re dealing with, whatever MISSION or MOVEMENT you are on to get to that life you want to, and DESERVE to live!
Rick shares his life's journey and the many challenges he has overcome to get to be the person he is today living the life he wants. And helps the audience do the same! 
This keynote and related workshop is for anyone looking for immediate positive energy and outcomes in improving their lives, the lived of those around them, and their businesses!
Family & Parenting Leadership +2
Confidence Goal Setting +9