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#NeutralisingTheNarcissist #BlockingTheBully #ShiftingShame
#NeutralisingTheNarcissist #BlockingTheBully #ShiftingShame

Imagine finding yourself in a game where each move you make is a choice between bad or worse. You learn not to struggle, gradually accepting your fate, wondering how you could have avoided being in this ever-worsening situation, unable to change the outcome, watching it spiralling to a deeper and deeper more sinister conclusion with each breath.

Threatening the mental health of even the strongest person, anyone caught in this trap knows only too well how quickly this unseen trap closes. Painful cooperation & self-delusion soon becomes the only way to survive.

Escape becomes more & more difficult with each day, with those on the outside often kept oblivious to the pain, anguish, & struggle of those in the trap.

Anyone can become trapped. No-one is exempt, with those determined to help & support others are often the most vulnerable, getting sucked in to the games of a narcissitic abuser, long before they are ever aware of what has happened.

Whether in a relationship, or the workplace, narcissistic abuse is increasingly more widespread, & the damage it causes leads to countless deaths every year, with many people forced to live highly traumatised lives, reflecting over what they could have done differently, often losing those closest to them.


The not-for-profit RespectFor.Me focuses on helping men and women, unwittingly caught in the narcissistic trap, whether to help identify the trappings, to learn how to avoid the situation deepening, or how to finally escape in the safest way with as few scars as possible.

Through painful experience of many of those victimised & even destroyed by the narcissist they dared to challenge, we've learned to spot the traps, & to understand & disable the tactics of the games they play.

Our mission is to Neutralise the Narcissist, & Block the Bully.


Our talks & events focus on helping people identify others around us that are trapped & need help, or even help those unwittingly trapped to realise & accept it, as the psychological warfare often blinds us to the destructive games that are played.

Whether in relationships, or in the workplace, disabling the weapons of a narcissist can bring unparalleled freedom & opportunity, radically improve life & help create a future, free of further abuse.


Our thought provoking, informative, & powerful talks are designed to capture attention, raise awareness, & provide ways to de-power the narcissist, but shining a detailed light on the games, creating a more level playing field.


Ideal for both men & women caught up in abusive relationships, anyone who has experienced a workplace bully, or anyone in a situation where they may feel trapped, as well as friends & family who want to help.

Truely shocking tales, intermingled with humour, it is a rollercoaster ride, to bring out the raw emotions of any audience that will help change their perspective in a way like no other.