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HR strategist driving performance, culture, revenue growth
Gallup & Insights certified, OZ Culture Partner, PHR

Experienced HR leader revolutionizing the HR landscape. Specializing in strategic guidance, mentoring, and training to empower HR professionals and business leaders for success.

Career Highlights:  

Throughout Renae Hauge's career, she held pivotal HR leadership roles in the nuclear power, medical device, and manufacturing/production industries, led high-performing HR and talent acquisition teams, delivered training and development to over 1,200 individuals driving performance, engagement, and workplace culture; positively impacting business goals and results across industries.

Specialization and Approach:  

As an HR leader and coach, Renae specializes in providing strategic guidance, mentoring, and training to empower HR professionals and employers alike. Whether collaborating one-on-one, group settings, Keynote speaking or via Podcast, Renae leverages extensive HR knowledge and experience to develop effective strategies and tools that propel individuals and businesses forward in their professional paths and goals.

What makes Renae Unique?

She is dedicated to empowering HR professionals and business leaders with the knowledge and strategies needed to succeed. As a big-picture strategic thinker and people-oriented knowledge transfer expert, she brings hands-on experience and multiple certifications to the table. Her passion for workplace culture and performance drives businesses to create lasting positive change that exceeds missions and milestones.