Regan Muir he/him/his
I help business owners apply finance and strategy.

Regan believes that business has a special way of lifting people out of poverty and creating generational change.

Regan grew up with his parents running their own sandwich restaurant. Due to those childhood experiences, he has always been fascinated by business. That is why he graduated with a bachelor's degree in accounting from BYU-Idaho, and went on to earn a master's degree in management and leadership from Western Governors University. He also obtained business consulting and business lending certificates. Regan spoke at a TEDx event in Rexburg, Idaho in 2018.

Regan enjoys any chance he gets to help business owners and entrepreneurs with their financial hurdles and strategy questions. Apart from having an educational background in accounting and management, he also runs a successful residential remodeling business.  

Any business related speaking opportunities would be an excellent fit for Regan to share his knowledge and experience.