Rebecca Robinson
Innovative Agile Leader & Enterprise Coach
SAFe Agile Consultant SPC, RTE, POPM, APM, SSM

AgileCoach Rebecca is Certified Agile Coach and Trainer, with practical experience. Early in my career, choosing the path of Technology, led me down a very long and fruitful career in IT. I currently hold a BS in Computer Science and am a Certified SAFe Agile Program Consultant (SPC). 

Working in a competitive Corporate environment for over 16 years has taught me many lessons, that I can now share in a productive and effective manner, through Coaching and Training. The SPC now qualifies me to train Technology Project Delivery Professionals that want to accelerate their professional growth.

As a SAFe Agile Program Consultant, my goal is to help both individuals and companies achieve success while transforming into SAFe Environments. I achieve this goal through:

- Career Coaching
- Resume Writing
- Agile Coaching
- Teaching Agility Methods
- Being Product Focused
- Championing a Customer Centric Approach 
- Scalability

In this capacity, I have trained over 700 people in SAFe Agile Delivery, participated in multiple ART Launches, and facilitated numerous Ceremonies at both Team and Program Levels.