Raymond Freitas
Mr. Raymond Freitas he/him/his
Spiritual relationship coach/Motivational speaker
I have a bachelor's of Arts in Environmental Studies

My name is Ray Freitas, my coaching name is Ray of Life Me, and I am on mission to heal the world through love and faith. I am a mental health success story and I see the world at a time of crisis. 

I am the business owner of Ray of Life Marriage and Spiritual Empowerment teaching divine consciousness to couples in crisis points in their marriages. I pride myself in coaching the couple and not the problem as with couples most have different issues. My business is a combination of marriage coaching, spiritual education, and energy healing. 

Speaking opportunities I am looking for are summits, podcasts, and facebook lives. 

Best types of summits would be love summits, holistic transformation, mental health transformation, spiritual and soul events.


These are example talks for Raymond Freitas

Introduction to Ray of Life Marriage and Spiritual Empowerment

Hello everyone, 

My name is Ray Freitas and my speech is about healing, transformation, and what I do as a spiritual love coach. Although Therapy maybe becoming popular, coaching is becoming a quick alternative to marriage counseling because of its fast results for professionals. Also 4/10 millennials claim to be spiritual but not religious, and 3/10 do not have an opinion. That means roughly 70 percent do not have a community of support in their area for their families because they have turned to social media for their community. Unfortunately, I do feel that social media has caused more issues than it has solved problems for the family dynamic. It is a great platform for giving advice and feeling connected to our friends and colleagues, however the amount of time being spent on cell phones could be used to spend with our loved ones. What makes Millennials different is that they are the first generation ever where online community support was available to them growing up in public education. It started with myspace, remember?

The first part of my speech will discuss these statistics and the importance of finding the right community. I will then transition into my story of transformation and healing explaining how I overcame life changing events to make me a better person and a family man. Following that I will explain what Ray of Life Marriage and Spiritual Empowerment is, the difference between religion and spirituality, energy based healing, and relationship coaching. I will also educate families on the importance of getting to the root of our problems and emotions, instead of just treating the problem. If our families are not enough reason to improve, I do not know what is. My business aims to help couples in crisis points in marriages caused either by improper work-life balance, communication issues, and not having a shared vision to be together any longer. 

I am building community on facebook called Divine Consciousness Training for Couples. 

40 years ago I would have been considered a minister, but in my generation I am a spiritual love coach.

If you feel these are important topics to discuss please reach out to me for my speech.


Please reach out to me a month ahead of your event


Wish not to speak in interview format at summits, but would love to be a guest on someone's podcast. 

Education Family & Parenting +3
Happiness Healing From Within +2
A message of Love for Everyone

This is a motivational speech, to launch my motivational speaking career. Please reach out to me at least a month ahead of your event. 


In a time where there is so much division and hate in our society, we are all searching for some sort of answers. In fact leadership is desired, but if our leadership in the world is giving us a poor example of what is expected of us we must start digging within us to lead our own lives. We want change, but in order for the world to change, we must change, therefor changing our mindset or viewpoints, and that impact will impact the lives of others around us. Fear is what is dividing us and it is causing so much hate in the world, but when we really begin talking with people we are all experiencing the same feelings. We are all scared of what is to come. In order to make our lives better we can begin to love ourselves, love others, respect our differences in beliefs about things, because as a human race we are all one family, one family that strives to be connected. We have been so privatized in our lives that we forget that community is what helps us grow, change, and gain confidence. The goal in life is to accept the divine love that flows through our body, minds and souls, and to share that with the rest of the world, one relationship at a time. 


Please reach out at least a month a head of time prior to your event. 

Business Education +1
Divine Love Family Wellbeing +6