Rai Hyde Cornell
Rai Hyde Cornell
Get the "freedom" back in "freelance" | Business Mentoring

Rai Hyde Cornell is the Business Mentor & Coach at Chiron Consulting and CEO & Senior Copywriter at Cornell Content Marketing. 

Over her 16+ years in online marketing and writing, Rai has worked in hundreds of businesses, helping them grow and achieve their goals. Though she no longer works in the mental health field, her deep understanding of human behavior, emotion, and decision-making is honored in everything she teaches and creates for her clients.

As a mentor and coach at Chiron Consulting, she works with freelancers and self-employed entrepreneurs to help them dramatically increase their incomes and their quality of life as independent income generators. At Cornell Content Marketing, Rai teaches entrepreneurs and business owners how to use content to build powerful, lasting relationships with customers. 

Now, she's sharing all of her most powerful business AND manifestation tricks and techniques with other freelancers. If you've been freelancing for a while and haven't hit your goals, or you're just getting started and you're feeling overwhelmed by it all, visit Rai's website at ChironConsulting.us. From barrier-shattering monthly workshops to courses on pricing and client acquisition to private coaching and the group mastermind, Rai has a way to support you and help you triple – yes, triple! – your income within one year.

If you’re interested in mentoring with Rai or joining her pack of self-made alphas, visit www.chironconsulting.us to learn more about Rai’s workshops, courses, group mastermind, and one-on-one mentoring programs.


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Creating Your Energy-Aligned Success Schedule

As a self-employed entrepreneur, you're responsible for everything in your business. But how do you keep your head on straight, avoid overwhelm and burnout, AND get it all done when you have a zillion tasks to do and projects to manage? 

It's all about creating an Energy-Aligned Success Schedule

You should not be conforming to your business – that's a sure-fire way to burn out. 

Your business should be conforming to you! 

By designing a schedule that is naturally aligned with your unique energy pattern, you'll be able to: 

  • Get more done in less time
  • Find greater ease when you sit down to do work
  • Eliminate resistance from your business
  • Work fewer hours
  • Free up precious energy for the creative work you love

Join me in this workshop where we'll design your unique Energy-Aligned Success Schedule! 

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