Quynh Vo
Formal education: accountant (investment in this degree - 4 years and 80K in tuition). Aside from the accounting degree, I've invested over $500K on courses and masterminds on business success and wealth building investment programs. But the real education is losing millions of dollars in the real estate crash of 2008 and that's why I do what I do now, helping one million people avoid the biggest mistakes in wealth building so they are crash-proof, have multiple streams of income and live the freedom lifestyle of their dream.
Quynh Vo is an entrepreneur, investor, and business mentor. She’s the creator of "Money Mastery Formula", a proven 6 step system to create your 3 year freedom plan to get out of the 9-5 grind. She has helped hundreds of students build multiple streams of passive income and use leverage to have the lifestyle and freedom that they truly deserve.