Prina Shah she/her/hers
Supporting you to optimise your organizational cultures
BSc Sociology and Social Psychology + Diploma of Coaching

Prina’s extensive background puts her in a unique position to respond to your needs. Prina spent 20+ years in the corporate world leading teams in Strategic People and Culture roles focusing on culture change, leadership development and change management. She is a Global Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Keynote Speaker and founder of the Ways to Change the Workplace Podcast.


Prina understands the challenges that today’s workplaces face. She brings a wealth of practical experience and corporate knowledge to support you in developing the right kind of workplace with you. Prina works with global clients and is able to bring the best from the globe to you.


Prina specialises in executive, leadership and team development. She is an expert in helping you to optimise your individuals, teams and organisational cultures through coaching, consulting and training. 

Prina possesses a BSc in Sociology and Social Psychology and a Diploma of Professional Coaching. 


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I’m a manager, now what? The skills to succeed as a people manager...

I’m a manager, now what? The skills to succeed as a people manager...


Management and Leadership is hard. Many organizations still do not adequately support those in people management positions and my mission is to find Ways to Change the Workplace to address that. 


Key sections of this 30 minute session:

  • Articulating your management story
  • The way organizations create managers, and the problem with it! 
  • The evolution of the workplace from a manager and employee perspective
  • How to truly listen to your team 
  • Ways you can keep your skills up to date. 



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