Pas Simpson
Happiness Engineer
World renown expert in Happiness Gang Rehabilitation Non violent Co-Author Curing Racism Creating a culture of Appreciation

Pas Simpson, The Happiness Engineer aka “Mr. I love my life” spreads joy from his very first smile. Whether in his daily videos, lightening up a stage or in his coaching sessions, Pas' mission is to help create a happier, healthier, wealthier world is evident. He teaches people how to make the choice of happiness and to define what success feel like to you.

At the worst time in his life, Pas found Happiness. By choosing happiness, Pas has become very successful and partners with many of the top names in business. Now he is one of the world leaders in happiness, success and achievement. His message and understanding of the true causes of Happiness catapulted him into global limelight as a celebrity keynote speaker, trainer, and “Happiness Engineer” around the world.


Pas has dedicated his business life to opening doors that were previously closed for others. As the LDP ( Lead Dream Protector) for Big Happy Consultantsi, he is consistently helping business owners climb the ladder of success confidently. In his hometown, he helps children ages five and above learn the importance of entrepreneurship developing programs that break generational curses and take future leaders to revenue. His latest business venture truly excites him, as an adviser to Global Entertainment Portal. Pas is able to shape the narrative the media gives about Black Culture.