CSP Nina Sunday
Author, Speaker, Podcast Host

Author of “Workplace Wisdom for 9 to thrive”,  Nina Sunday hosts popular management podcast, “Manage Self, Lead Others” on C-Suite Radio, interviewing global experts on self-leadership and leading people. 

A CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) and twice Certified Virtual Presenter, Nina Sunday is an authority on transforming team culture with a focus on Leading People, Productivity and Communication. 

A past Chapter President of Professional Speakers Australia, what motivates Nina is this. “I love seeing the lights go on in people's heads;” she says. “the light of an aha! moment, when they get it – a new idea, a better way to do things.”

With a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma in Education, and after working in television, Nina Sunday’s inner entrepreneur kicked in to found award-winning training company, Brainpower Training Pty Ltd. Over two decades Nina grew a network of Facilitators delivering workplace skills Australia-wide to government and private sector clients.


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