Angel Larena
Angel Larena she/her/hers
Finding Fulfillment Through Inclusion and Individualism

Angel Larena is a bright, Autistic, Non-Binary woman dedicated to helping further knowledge and understanding in the world. Recently, she started building her business, Vibrant Halos LLC, with the purpose of helping other individuals find their voice and fulfillment in life, especially those who are different. She has been working to spread knowledge, awareness, inclusion, and honesty into a world in desperate need of a little light! If you want to learn how to contribute to the discussion, find your voice, or find fulfillment your way, look no further!


These are example talks for Angel Larena

Alien Nation

You may be contributing to someone's feeling of alienation in your circle, and it's not your fault. You can act now! With simple steps and mindfulness, you may be the key to someone excelling in all they do, just because YOU believe in them!

Business IT consulting and services +2
Discrimination Diversity +8
Gender 4 All

Lately, it feels like more and more letters get added to this never-ending spectrum of Gender and Sexuality. It can easily be confusing and difficult to remember them all! However, with a simple process, you can avoid any downfall and ensure you respect and honor all around you!

Business Health & Well-being +8
Diversity Gender +3
Piecing the Puzzle

You may often speak with someone you feel is short, rude, insensitive, or distant. This person may struggle to find the right words, get a thought across, or explain in detail. You have worked with someone with Autism Spectrum Disorder, most likely high functioning. There are some excellent ways you can change the course of communication and lead them into a brighter tomorrow!

Business Education +8
Autism Communication +4
Using the MADness

Are you stuck? Feel like you can't get forward no matter what you do? Are you mad? Use YOUR MADness to find the solution now! Using this 3-step process, you can reset your mind and find the inner power to achieve all your goals!

Business Health & Well-being +3
Goal Setting Mastermind +2