Nate Hallums
Nate Hallums he/him/his
Good things come to those who bait
Google Ads Certified, BS Engineering & Finance

Nate Hallums

Owner/Founder of Backyard Fishing Agency

Founding Member of ERTC Express

Getting his start at a Fortune 50 company, Nate has been an entrepreneur for the last 30 years, always focused in some way on helping consumers and small businesses meet their goals. 

Backyard Fishing Agency serves local small businesses as an affordable boutique digital marketer, creating and managing their digital real estate, and delivering their ideal customer in multiple ways. From Social Media & Reputation Management, combined with Traffic and Organic Search (SEO), the company makes your phone ring with the kind of customers you want calling you.

ERTC is a 3-year program designed to deliver funds earmarked for small businesses.  It's their money, they just need to claim it. ERTC Express is the foremost submissions company having helped over 7,000 companies recover over $800 million with a class-of-the-industry process on a success fee basis.