Natalie Forest
Dr. Natalie Forest
Revolutionary RuleBreaker-Spiritual Life Transforming Mentor
International Speaker, International Best-selling Author

Revolutionary Rule Breaker
Spiritual Life Transforming Mentor


Experience a novel, holistic life coaching journey with Dr. Natalie Forest so that you may lead a fulfilled life, one filled with passion and in alignment with your purpose and talents.

Are you ready to take the step towards self-discovery and take control of your life 
with strengthened confidence? 
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Dr. Natalie Forest is a trailblazer in the realm of personal transformation, renowned for her unconventional approach and profound insights. With a deep understanding that traditional methods often fall short in times of stagnation, she emphasizes the importance of recognizing individuals as whole beings on their journey to a harmonious life. 

Known as a revolutionary rule breaker, Dr. Natalie's journey has been marked by a commitment to challenging conventional strategies that often lead to feeling stuck. She recognizes each individual as a unique entity and tailors her approach to support them on their path to fulfillment. 
Her unique deep-dive methods are anchored in her social science studies as well as her own life experiences, all of which have let to unique insights, which - coupled with her spiritual gifts – provide you with an extraordinary mentor in and for life. 
Expect the unexpected! 

As a celebrated intuitive and spiritual mentor, international bestselling author, and keynote speaker, Dr. Forest has graced global stages alongside icons like Bob Proctor, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, John Assaraf, Dennis Waitley, Bryan Tracy, Forbes Riley, Sharon Lechter, Dr. Joe Vitale, Dame Marie Diamond, and other legends in the field of personal development to share her revolutionary approach.

Her mission is clear: to empower both women and men to reclaim their lives, reconnect with their passions, and embrace self-love as the key to unlocking their full potential. 
Through her groundbreaking process, "The Hidden Power of Patterns," Dr. Natalie has enabled thousands to find their mission and create the life they desire. Utilizing her spiritual abilities and practical mentoring techniques, she guides clients towards their amazing selves. One of her main insights is that we have lost the art of connecting the heart and the mind, which is essential to return to our essence – the only place from where we can live our authentic purposeful life and achieve happiness for ourselves and others. 

Among her many accolades, she proudly holds the 2016 President Barack Obama Presidential Volunteer Service Award and Lifetime Achievement Award.

Aside from being the founder, visionary, and CEO of her life and of Natalie Forest International, Dr. Forest is honored to serve as the VP for 90210 Enterprise and VP of Media for 90210 Enterprise, an innovative, diverse network for entrepreneurs to connect, build and live their strategy while enjoying unparalleled success.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Dr. Natalie is deeply committed to community engagement and humanitarian efforts. She serves on multiple boards, such as the Voice Aid Association e.V.  ATL Europe, D.I.P.E.S.H, leads the Oneness and Wisdom Wing of G100 as Germany Country Chair, produces events, conducts workshops on stress management, and supports children's growth through educational initiatives.

Residing in Hamburg, Germany with her daughter, Dr. Natalie finds joy in learning from her and shares a special commitment to animal welfare, aspiring to establish an animal rescue station or experiential school in the future. Embodying the words of M. K. Gandhi, she encourages others to be the change they wish to see, reminding them of their inherent uniqueness and boundless potential. 

Let go of doubt, for you are indeed special – and Dr. Natalie Forest is here to guide you back to your essence.