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Revolutionary Rule Breaker - Transformational Mentor
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Revolutionary Rule Breaker


"Guiding seekers at a crossroads away from self-doubt, worry, and anxiety to step forward with confidence, calm, and spiritually connected to live their lives their way!" (Natalie Forest. Ph.D.)


  • Are you at a crossroads? 
  • Are you tired of being stuck in self-doubt, anxiety, and overwhelm, tired of hiding your light? 
  • Longing to BE happy again?
  • What would it be like for you if you could change that?
  • What would your life look like? 


I work with seekers who are at a crossroads and guide them away from self-judgment, anxiety and worry back to calm, clarity and confidence so they can live their lives their way and have the positive impact they desire. 

Dr. Natalie is a Revolutionary Rule Breaker! A different kind of Bi-lingual Intuitive Transformation Mentor, Spiritual Confidence and Self-Love Coach, International Best-Selling Author & International Keynote Speaker. She is a TV host, Event Producer and first and foremost a Humanitarian.

Through her unique process “The Hidden Power of Patterns” she has enabled thousands of people to find their mission and create the life they desire.  Dr. Natalie firmly believes that everyone be happy, and successful with great relationships and as little stress as possible. How? On a personal, transformational journey, Natalie assists you in re-connecting with YOU and understanding your Purpose, embracing your Potential, and achieving your Dreams.  Natalie uses her spiritual assets and modalities in tandem with coaching and analytical strategies to get you where you can be – as your amazing self.

Natalie is a sought-after speaker and trainer and has participated in numerous conferences, events, TV and radio shows across the nation.  She has and is sharing global stages with Bob Proctor, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, John Assaraf, Dennis Waitley, Bryan Tracy, Forbes Riley, Sharon Lechter, Dr. Joe Vitale, Dame Marie Diamond and other legends in the personal development field. 


In her “The Dr Natalie Show” on The Los Angeles Tribune she talks with guests about their lives, experiences and insights to help the audience live happy and purposefully; she is also co-anchoring “Monday Leadership Live” by The Los Angeles Tribune. Simultaneously she has a weekly show on WIN WIN Women titled “Choosing Happiness, Choose You” where she provides insights and then directly engages with the audience to answer questions, provide personal guidance, and much more. 
Previously she hosted “MIS-FIT: Start Living and Thriving NOW” with Transformation TV show and before that “Know Thyself” with Voice America, which was always in the top 3 for VoiceAmerica.

Natalie’s keynotes, “Be You – Show Yourself”, “The Hidden Power of Patterns” and “Collaborative Individualism”, have facilitated numerous breakthroughs for all that were fortunate to work with her, leading them to a life of abundance, clarity, and directed purpose. 

She is a multiple international best-selling author with books such as “Revolutionize – Your Life Your Way”, and “BE YOU”, being the most recent ones. 

With all that, she is especially proud of the 2016 President Barack Obama Presidential Volunteer Service Award, Lifetime Achievement Award. Her passion is to work with women at a crossroads so they can live their lives. 

When she is not speaking, teaching, or mentoring she loves spending time with her daughter and her cats.  She is based in her hometown of Hamburg, Germany and loves to connect globally.