Natalie Clack
Natalie Clack
Holistic Life Coach
I am a registered Ethnomedical, Ethnopyschology and Ethnomassage Practioner practicing under the Traditional Healers Act in South Africa. I have and continue to study and upskill myself in herbs, homeopathy, mental health as it relates to suicidal tendencies, anger, aggression, violent behaviour, substance abuse, positive parenting, self help and personal development tools, nutrition, herbology, natural health, NLP, REBT, the havening technique and hypnotherapy. I am a twice over single parent so I understand the paradigms of single parenting, co-parenting, parenting in a relationship and parenting when you live with your own parents. My personal journey has led me to struggle the legal system as a layperson and passionate mother, a single parent with no degree that had to climb the corporate ladder to find a way to feed my child and the world of business entrepreneurship as a home schooling mother. I have overcome adversity and walk in my authenticity.

I have an exceptional ability to win others over and put strangers at ease, because of the energy I bring to social situations. This enables me to build networks by connecting people with each other. My powerful anticipation and detailed visualisation of a better future can turn aspirations into reality and my vision of tomorrow can inspire and push others to new heights. I am passionate about sharing the tools that I have learnt on how to live a conscious, healthy life with a positive outlook. I have survived many toxic relationships, all forms of abuse including stalking and harrassment, struggled single parenting, the corporate world, entrepreneurship and survived infathomable experiences of narcissistic abuse. Daily set the intent to overcome the debilitating effects that lead to negative thought forms, suicidal thoughts and indulging in negative behaviour patterns and attitudes. I have built a strong warrior spirit with determination and I always show up and play full out. I bring an element of fun to every engagement.

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