Natalia Jansen
Natalia Jansen
Certified Life Mastery Consultant, Speaker, Educator
Certified Life Mastery Consultant by Brave Thinking Institute with Mary Morrissey, MFA in Theatre Directing from UCLA, BA from LFC, 20+ years as an educator, speaker and theatre artist working with students K-12 developing communication, collaboration and problem solving skills using theatre techniques and spiritual laws of transformation. Founder of A.C.T. Life Consulting and promoter of holistic health and wellness - mind, body, skin and spirit. Member of Global Woman LA Club, Holistic Chamber of Commerce and CIBN. Founder of Single Mom Solutions community supporting single moms and their dreams.
Natalia Jansen is the founder of A.C.T. Life Consulting and - with a mission to help single moms who are stressed, overwhelmed, and stuck get out of the quicksand and onto the solid ground. 

Natalia combines her rigorous certification training with Brave Thinking Institute by Mary Morrissey, her 20 years of experiences as an educator and theatre artist with her passion for personal development and spiritual transformation to her mission to teach women - especially single moms and young girls to embrace their spiritual nature, take charge of their life and design the life they truly love living. 

Coming from a tiny country in Eastern Europe, Slovakia, to United States at 17 as a high school exchange student, she pursued her dream of building a life on her own terms. During her undergraduate studies, she traveled to India where she spend 6 months studying the traditional concepts of spirituality and dance theatre  Bharata Natyam. After completing her MFA in Theatre at UCLA, she has shared her passion for theatre with her students through teaching, writing, producing and directing theatre productions with elementary, middle school and high school students. As a first generation immigrant, single mom of two daughters, she is no stranger to transformation. 

As an Inspirational Speaker, Natalia combines her passion for teachings of the spiritual laws of transformation with her experience as a seasoned educator and theatre artist to deliver interactive and engaging experience to any stage. 


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