Nanette Nuessle
Dr. Nanette Nuessle she/her/hers
I solve your staff retention issues.

Dr. Nan, a Pediatric Hospitalist with over 30 years experience, runs the coaching company, Beat Down Burnout, which utilizes a unique process of personality science to promote communication skills, emotional intelligence, and relationship building, allowing healthcare organizations to improve staff retention, increase patient safety, and reduce risk management. This helps both the organization, and their staff find opportunities and learn new ways to build trust and fight to prevent bullying and burnout. She has been a guest on Fried, the Burnout Podcast, the #1 burnout podcast in America. She has also been featured on KevinMD, both the newsletter and the podcast, and the popular nursing podcast, Nursing Strategies for Success. Most recently, she has been published in Authority Magazine for the 5 things she would change in healthcare.