Monica Miller
Business Coach
3rd time published author, international writer, and been a guest speaker at ICF, W2WN, Experience Pro's Radio Show, eWomen, Loveland Startup Week, Keller Williams, and WEBO.
Monica Miller helps mom entrepreneurs build 6-Figure businesses by creating a meaningful marketing message that grows their audience, clientele, and income with ease and confidence. Her clients get out of overwhelm and confusion to speaking their truth, sharing their stories, and becoming the go-to expert that captivates their audience. Move out of not knowing what to say to have a plan that brings in more clients, income, and success when you implement simple strategies that Monica teaches. Monica is an international speaker, author, writer, and coach who lives in Indiana with her son and husband. When she's not working or serving her clients, she enjoys traveling, coffee, and reading fantasy books.


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How to Enroll New Clients and Make More Ca$h through Your Content
Your content is the FOUNDATION to your business - without content, there's no language for people to digest what you have to offer. Many entrepreneurs are out there posting and creating content that isn't getting them clients or money. How do you change that? How do you get clients simply by posting content, which you need anyways? Monica Miller is going to help you understand how to write and talk to your ideal clients so they are automatically attracted to you and your content so they want to learn more! You will walk away with tips on how to get clients and cash through your posts so that every time you post, you're making money! You can do all of this AD FREE!
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