Mike Stewart
Mike Stewart
Mike Stewart Relationship Coach, Loving relationships

Mike Stewart is a relationship that equips men and women with tools to ignite a deeper connection with their partner and create future together of a relationship filled with love, passion, and partnership. In 2016 Mike that after 28 years of marriage he felt alone and that his wife didn't care about him or his feelings and when his wife Valerie shared with him that she felt more like his roommate than his wife he feared that if he didn't find some answers soon their marriage would end up in a divorce. Mike shares: My breakthrough came while I was taking a course called the Master Key Experience, during a meditation exercise I realized I felt alone in my marriage because of a story I created that my wife Valerie didn't care about me and I was constantly gathering evidence to validate that story and it started with me harboring negative thoughts about Valerie and our marriage. When I realized I could substitute my negative thoughts for positive thoughts and memories from our vacations and dates I fell in love Valerie all over again.  


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