Mike Raber
Mike Raber
CEO / Founder
#International Bestselling Author . Speaker . Business and Wealth Architect . Content / Virtual Course Creator . Keynote Speaker

Mike Raber is a #1 International Bestselling Business Author, Speaker & Coach. His skills and capabilities of leadership, building relationships, growing different businesses, and writing a book with his daughter on the secret to raising financial savvy kids helped to make him the father, business, and wealth architect he is today. 

Mike is continually perfecting his skills in the areas of financial management, leadership & business development around the many challenges faced by small business owners. He offers a bonus of having a real estate, business, insurance, and financial planning background. 

As a passionate storyteller, he is all too happy to share snippets of his personal and professional journeys especially learning to optimize Eastern & Western philosophies and practices for better living. 

He has also written a book sharing many lessons learned from starting, building, & selling a business 100% by referral. Mike works with coaches, influencers, and professionals helping them to fully understand their own purpose or core genius, remove blocks holding them, while achieving financial liberation through building community. 


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