Mihai Andrei
Mihai Andrei
Founder and CEO

Mihai is a QiGong teacher, Angel Empowerment Practitioner and Healer, the founder of the Soul Purpose Matrix as well as a passionate management professional in high tech positioning. He helps heart-centered entrepreneurs who are stuck in the starting stages or stuck starting a new chapter of business to manifest a successful business with programs, products and services aligned with the founder’s purpose from an intuitive direction.

Mihai has been practicing and teaching QiGong and various disciplines of energy work for the past 15 years. Coupled with his decade of engineering and management experience, he believes in a balanced lifestyle, engaging every part of the human being, logic and intuition alike. He is passionate about helping others find and align with their purpose and has an innate ability to draw it out. This has led to starting the Soul Purpose Matrix and creating a systematized process to help small business owners grow more profitable and get results consistently.

The Soul Purpose Accelerator process focuses on a three-step process to:

  • find and heal the inner issues keeping business owners stuck
  • give entrepreneurs clarity about their foundational vision, direction, along with structure and steps they can take now to get their business going in a way that is aligned with their life’s purpose
  • maintain the high energy and motivation to carry that vision through to completion

As a business owner, you are among a team who dares to seek your highest potential, embrace change, take aligned action and accept only fulfilment in life. I am excited and honored to work with you.