Mick Spiers
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Bestselling author of "You're a leader, now what?"

Mick Spiers empowers leaders with all of the knowledge and skills that leaders need to create amazing teams and amazing workspaces.

He is founder and principal of The Leadership Project, bestselling author of the ground-breaking book “You're a leader, now what?” and host of The Leadership Project podcast.

Mick founded The Leadership Project with a vision to inspire all leaders to challenge the status quo. He is on a mission to address the leadership crisis that we see in the world. According to research from Gallup, only 20% of people in the world truly love their job and like their boss.  This is a tragedy. People are spending up to ⅓ of their lives in workplaces that either don't inspire them, or worst still completely stress them out.

Mick's mission to empower leaders to create environments where everyone feels that they have purpose & meaning; where everyone has a voice that is heard and their opinions valued; and where everyone feels that they matter.

Mick can speak on a wide variety of leadership topics including:

  • The tricky transition to leadership
  • How to attract and retain an amazing and talented team
  • Why all leaders need to understand choice theory
  • The psychology of decision making
  • Leading with purpose and meaning
  • Leading with a learning mindset
  • The Emotionally Intelligent Leader
  • Communication skills all leaders must master
  • What Diversity, Equity and Inclusion really means
  • The influential mindset
  • Coaching skills for leaders