Michelle Chan she/her/hers
Host | Producer | Mental Health Advocate
Bachelors of Arts

Never afraid to be courageous and outspoken, Michelle has been unstoppable the moment she entered the media industry! She is an award-winning host, producer and journalist taking over the airwaves and the turntables. She saw the amazing power of being a radio host and took flight. "I want to be more that just a listener, I want to be the VOICE that empowers!"


Having grown up on successful media moguls like (Katie Couric, Hoda Kotb, Robin Roberts, Queen Latifah, etc.) all of which became infused with her love for both audio production and giving back to the community. Today, this translates into programs where she picks apart and blends together all the pieces of a podcast that embodies her creativity with her passion for true reporting.


A very active member of her local community, Michelle is no stranger to the ups-and-downs of the digital world. She also likes to work with other upcoming creatives, thought-leaders and artists to share insights across multiple mediums.


She is indeed, a bold woman from the one of world’s loudest cities with an even bigger voice.