Michael Landau
Michael Landau he/him/his
Short daily habit - Mindful Movement - health and well-being
Certified Feldenkrais practitioner. Certified Child'Space

I teach mindful movement inspired by the Feldenkrais Method. I help my clients create a daily habit of physical activity that is varied, focused and based on self-care and growth.

I have been a professional musician and university teacher for 30 years, retired in 2018. I am spiritually inclined, with background in Buddhism and shamanism.

I emphasize the importance of awareness for self-exploration and growth; I use brain plasticity and our innate curiosity and ability to learn to create change, improvement, well-being and a positive growth mindset.

Born in Tel Aviv in 1958. I grew up in Israel, I studied music in Vienna, Austria and lived there for 15 years. I moved to Chile in 2001 and have been living here ever since. 


I taught at the famous Vienna Conservatory, and later at the Music Institute of the Valparaiso Catholic University, and retired from active musicianship to dedicate myself to teaching movement. 

During the Covid era I've moved my teachings online. I created Persistent Growth, an ongoing 3-minute daily practice of mindful movement for better focus, improved mobility, reduced pain and well-being.

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