Melanie Smith Rawlings
Melanie Smith Rawlings
Melanie Smith Rawlings

Leaving the JOB to start a new business was never going to be easy, but Melanie did this in 2012 despite knowing little or nothing about running a business.  It took her another 5 years to finally break the ties with the dreaded job and to step out on her own and to focus on her business The Happy Foot Clinic as a Foot Health Practitioner.

There have been highs and lows and what she has learned has been invaluable, but she also realised there were many other practitioners and people out there desperate to leave a job they hate and to find the independence and self respect perhaps they feel they have lost.

Her passion is to help those people to make the first baby steps in starting a business so they don't make the mistakes she did and help them can gain confidence and strength in themselves and their business. 

Talking to other business people, Melanie has realised many a business owner has made mistakes when starting out because they never knew some basic things. Even if you are a more seasoned businessperson, reading her book may make you feel a bit better about the things you have done over the years when you didn't know any better.

Melanie signed up for a lot of courses at one point because she knew there were so many gaps in her business knowledge. This has resulted from her hard work and terrier like refusal to give up to become a lead speaker trainer at one the leading UK business training academies.  Being able to share your message is key and this has given her even more confidence to help and inspire people so they can step up and be the best business person they can be.