Melanie Richards
Melanie Richards she/her/hers
Elevate Your Energy | Make Space to Emerge | Learn to Earn

Melanie Richards specializes in business attraction, collaborations & event success strategies.  I love helping COO’s, founders & teams stand out in every crowd while connecting with who matters most to you as you move from Invisible to BVisible to I’mPossible to BProfitable.

After toasting my last day as a part-time entrepreneur who was a full-time corporate employee, I headed to Tahiti with a smile. My understanding of the struggles to make the transition from dreamer or hobbyist to entrepreneur or team leader while navigating live & virtual gaps to increase revenue is real.

As BVisible Shifts event host & an event producer, BVisible with Mel inspires your teams & volunteers to become highly engaging so you create conversations & build energizing connections before, during & in between events.