Mel Ross
Helping leaders change their mind to win in work and life
BA, Dip Flow, Dip Breathwork, ILM7 Exec Mentoring

I am a leadership and transformation expert and speaker. Working specifically in the area of mindset shift with leaders and help change teams humanise change and transformation. I am the creator of Modern Mindset Theory training and mentoring thousands of leaders to date to build the mental fitness required for a modern world. I also speak about TEA Mastery, our ability to master Time: Energy and Attention to win in life and work. TEA Mastery has also become a popular subject to support menopause. I am looking for speaking opportunities where leaders are keen to learn about modern mindset for success, how time poverty can be addressed through TEA Mastery and sharing HOW we can change our mindset in simple practical steps. Modern Mindset Theory is part of self mastery and modern leadership; relevant to any leader in business, business owner, or entrepreneur. It's 80% of success