MEIYA G Nthoesane
Dr MEIYA G Nthoesane he/him/his
We empower people who build businesses to sustain economies
Founder and CEO: MBA, Doctor of Business Leadership

Dear Meiya is a business finance coach, an author and a business publisher.  He helps companies build from startup to scaling, and empower entrepreneurs to develop financial metrics that support their businessess.  Dr Meiya is also the Founding Editor of Financeium Business Magazine, the magazine that promote small and medium businesses globally, accross different industries.  Dr Meiya continuously look for business to feature and promote in the magazine.   He is looking for speaking opportunities around business leadership, business finance and turnaround management.  The topics of interest include, how businesses and entrepreneurs build financial sustainability; how business leadership is key to financial success of the business; the strategic nature of financial metrics in scaling and growing business.