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Bridging the content gap between tech & creativity.
Meg&Creative Copy & Content (Tech & Creative works)

Megan is a Copywriter, Content creator and Creative works consultant, serving global clients in both the Tech and Creative arenas.


She is the bridge between those incredible people who passionately innovate in tech, science, research, development, and ideation - and their ideal audience who needs the jargon translated into simpler language.


Trained in various industries, she absorbs, condenses, and communicates complex information easily.

She then engages her creativity to craft content that helps others better understand - and get excited about - those amazing products, services, ideas, and innovations!


Megan appreciates that many people still don't realise how great a role creativity plays in this space. But having successfully used divergent thinking to demystify complex topics for over two decades already, she encourages it. 


She is multi-skilled and curious, with a huge passion for music and the radio industry… And Megan happily identifies as the “crazy creative.”

Combining her unique talents and experience, she also supports several clients operating in non-technical industries.


The founder at Meg&Creative Copywriting, Content & Creative works she helps you simplify, clarify, and energise your content.