Matias Högnabba he/him/his
I help people to streamline time and money spending.

Matias is an engineer with a speciality in effectiveness and optimization. Matias has studied LEAN, which is known for its industrial applications. These principles can be applied anywhere, and Matias can tell how to for example use as little time possible on the necessities and not on so fun things, and how to get more time for the enjoyable ones.


Matias has knowledge how different resource a person have can be used in order to decrease their dependency on external suppliers, how to get more with the money an individual have, and how to live more comfortably without needing to fall under chores or starve with noodles. 


Matias is looking for any kind of stage to speak about streamlining the use of different kinds of resources outside of the industrial world.


This is an example talk for Matias Högnabba

Education Mindset +1
Change Management Decluttering +8