Marlene Neumann
Marlene Neumann she/her/hers
Discovering the magic of life through photography & nature

Marlene is a fine art soul photographer sharing spiritual insights from nature through her photographs, talks and books. In her 3rd book, A Dance with Life, she shares her journey of discovery of what makes us human, how to make life count and the freedom to be herself.

Marlene teaches people how to live their lives through their unique gifts and free themselves from restrictions to follow their intuition – to make a difference and to know that their lives matter.

Traumatic and life-threatening circumstances in her life woke her up to the importance of appreciating every single moment of existence, and she wholeheartedly teaches others to do the same. 

Marlene is an exceptional woman living her purpose in service to the earth and all of its inhabitants.

Marlene's focus is experiencing life through connecting with nature and capturing the essence of God through a camera.

Marlene specialises in intuition, soul photography, spiritual insights from nature, freedom to be yourself, learning the rhythm of life.