Marlene Neumann
Marlene Neumann she/her/hers
Discover the magic of life through nature & photography

Award winning international fine art photographer Marlene Neumann inspires us to discover our own steps to dance with life and re-connect to our true nature – the jewel hidden within each of us. She invites us to learn how to be human through tuning in to nature’s cycles. 

Inviting us to step outside our comfort zone, award-winning international fine art photographer Marlene Neumann shares her quest to discover the meaning of life. Having experienced chaos and trauma she exposes hidden treasure of the magic and beauty of life through her photographs.

Marlene has an intuitive gift, able to listen to the ancient calling of nature and shares how humans can reconnect with the natural cycles of life. The heart wrenching stories and challenges she’s lived through have uncovered deep hidden messages from the subconscious mind. 

Expert in spirituality, photography, nature, learning to be human

Author of A Dance with Life, Ebb and Flow and Sky meets Land