Mark Carolan
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Inspirational speaker & transformational wellbeing coach
Life, Executive & Corporate Wellbeing Coach.

Mark is a renowned and passionate public speaker and national toastmasters champion. 

He has a very personal and engaging style with a focus on self-care, motivation and life transformation.



These are example talks for Mark Carolan

Self-care, stress and Burnout

An engaging and interactive 50 minute talk centered on raising awareness of self-care, trying to understand how we really are. The talk will help the listeners understand where they are holistically, from the physical, emotional and mental to their sense of purpose and meaning in life. Listeners will leave with an exercise to pinpoint where in their life they need to make some changes.

The talk also touches on stress and burnout, identifying the differences and how to manager them.

Health & Well-being
Professional Burnout Self-Care +1
The Power of Vulnerability

A powerful and engaging talk on the power of vulnerability to allow us to grow into ourselves and move through the difficult challenges we face in life

Health & Well-being
Personal Growth