Marilyn August
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Marilyn August is a profit-attracting magnet. She’s the founder of Profit GPS, a consulting and training firm.  Her three pillars of success are mindset, behavior and skills. Like a giant gigsaw puzzle - all three incorporated into her speaking and training presentations.

Marilyn is a dynamic speaker and business development Fractional Social Selling VP. Like a GPS, she navigates through hidden revenue roadblocks to accelerate strategies for growing sustainable profits. Her sales and marketing technologies, including Leading with LinkedIn, have been used for over twenty years to dramatically increase her client profits. 

Marilyn honed in her versatility as a Business Development Consultant for a division of the SBA. She has branched out to include a wide spectrum of entrepreneurial clients, from construction companies to law firms, who want the benefit of a skilled advisor with a talent for identifying the right strategies and the experience to implement them efficiently and effectively.


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