Marie K. Torossian
10X Business Coach Marie K. Torossian she/her/hers
Empowering Your Potential
CPA, CGMA, 10X Certified Elite Coach Speaker & Mentor

Marie started her entrepreneurial journey at the young age of 11, helping her dad run his business. Little did she know at the time that her experiences would serve as a basis for her entrepreneurial mindset and love for finance. 

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10X Certified Coach, Mentor & Speaker


Passionate About Inspiring Others


The Profit Lab is founded to empower entrepreneurs with the knowledge and guidance to grow and scale their businesses. When Marie started her CPA firm, she quickly realized how much she needed a coach and mentor that could help her. She worked with the top names in the industry to learn the skills, and she needed to push herself to the next level. Her newfound strength inspired the creation of The Profit Lab to educate, inspire and guide business owners to grow their businesses to their 10X levels. 

Marie's strengths lie in having a profound understanding of sales, marketing, operations, and finance, making her a powerful coach. Her registered methodology VALUEATION-MT® is a game-changer for business owners. It combines critical ingredients such as business valuation, financial analysis, processes and procedures, menu pricing, growth roadmap, etc. She uses this framework to coach clients to understand their business finances, make informed decisions, increase their business value, and live the life they want! As a Grant Cardone licensee, she coaches & mentors her clients in realizing their full potential! She prides herself on her high ethical standards, discipline, and passion for helping her clients succeed. She enjoys the beautiful Florida waters with her husband and children during her free time.