Maria Kellis
Maria Kellis she/her/hers
Leadership and Business Coach | Inspirational Speaker

My name is Maria Kellis, and I am a Leadership Coach, Intuitive Business Consultant, Inspirational Speaker, and Best-Selling Author. With a strong background in engineering and management from MIT, I have co-founded multiple technology companies in the US and worked in high-level positions for the Greek government.

Today, through Maria Kellis International, a global company with clients from over 15 countries, I focus on empowering business leaders, intrapreneurs, and entrepreneurs to strengthen their leadership skills and create successful products and services aligned with their true voice. I am passionate about teaching others to achieve a life of independence and freedom and am constantly exploring how to accelerate this journey for my clients.

Originally from Greece, I now share my time between Thailand, Greece, Cyprus, Bali, and the United States. I have achieved a life of independence and freedom, and my passion lies in teaching others how to do the same. Currently, my work is centered around the question, "how can we achieve it even faster?" - driving my dedication to guiding you to your success.