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Healing Heart - leaning into grief
Certified Grief Educator

Maria is a Certified Grief Educator with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the transformative power of self-compassion. Shaped by the profound loss of her son in 2009, Maria intimately understands the impact of grief. Through her heartfelt talks, she leads listeners from judgment to empowerment, unveiling the potent force of self-compassion

Maria aims to help people understand the complexity of grief, self-compassion, and the path toward inner peace. She radiates a transformative glow, demonstrating the profound impact of self-compassion on one's life. Maria's approach is simple, which makes her a beacon of hope. Her engaging and relatable style, coupled with practical tools, ensures the audience feels heard, inspired and equipped with valuable strategies. 



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Unleash Your Voice

Discover the transformative power of self-compassion.

Key Takeaways 

I believe that within the realm of self-compassion lies the key to breaking free from the shackles of self-judgment.  Creating a sacred space within ourselves where vulnerability is welcomed, not feared.

1.Embracing Self-Compassion

2. Building Bridges  between your conscious and the subconscious 

3. Taking Action implementing the "5 Keys to Self-Compassion"

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Release Self Judgement

Grieving can feel like wandering through a confusing maze, and to make it trickier, self-judgment often sneaks in, making everything heavier. I've been there, seen the struggle with those "what ifs" and regrets – it's tough.

Now, courage? It's not about being fearless but pushing through despite the fears. Our minds like to play games, throwing doubt our way and making us search for answers that may not even exist.

The Self-Judgment Detox – it's not your typical self-help spiel. No fancy talk, just being aware and acknowledging your thoughts and facing those fears head-on. Because being human means acknowledging those fears and dealing with them using your intuition deep within.

No need for cliches or empty words. Let's cut through the self-doubt together, gently freeing your spirit. Picture it like untangling threads – we'll weave a new pattern of self-acceptance.

Ready to start this journey to newfound freedom? I'm here to guide you, no judgment, just a fresh perspective on grief. Let's do this together!


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