Marci Barker
Marci Barker she/her/hers
The Accountability Code: Make Follow Through Easy & Peaceful

Marci is known for her loving approach in helping individuals implement and execute with ease. Her no BS style is not only enjoyable but refreshing because she's great at stripping expectations to get to the root of why people really want to take action. Marci's book and process of The Accountability Code Wake Up and Show Up is a system that is tailored to goals of all kinds yet provides predictable results; making follow through easy and peaceful. 

Marci is a mother to 4 young daughters and understands the need to mesh emotion, logic, and action for true accountability. She's fun, inviting, and a breath of fresh air for those who are starting to feel too comfortable in their comfort zone. Marci is the perfect fit if you value accountability and are looking for Your Loving Kick in the Pants.