Lynn Capsalors
Lynn Capsalors
Mental Fitness Coach
Lynn is an active member of the Three Principals Global Community ( She studied with Dr. Mark Howard who is a Ph.D. in mental well-being as well as Steve Chandler for coaching She is a Mind/Body Eating Coach from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. Lynn is also an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Licensed Practitioner), a Yoga teacher, and a meditation teacher. As she has evolved and grown over the years so has her business. Currently, she focuses on pointing people to their truth within, their divine inheritance of innate mental health, resilience, and wisdom. She doesn't give people tools, techniques, and strategies They are not needed when you understand how your mind, thought, and consciousness work.

If you want the same old regurgitated information about mental health/well-being, Lynn is not the person for you!  You can forget reading this is and move on.  


If you are open to looking into a new direction you've landed in the right place.  

Lynn shares with her audiences three key life-transforming insights about how life already works instead of how people think it works:

#1 She guides her audience into looking in a place that they haven't seen yet. Specifically, where their felt experience of life is created.  Where do feelings come from?  Most people answer from my past, the weather, my dwindling bank account, the pandemic, politics, my ex-spouse, my job, etc. 

The implications of this innocent misunderstanding of where our experience of life comes from causes unnecessary self-suffering.  


#2  Lynn guides her audience to see how they create their moment-to-moment experience of life via the gift of Thought.  The gift of Thought is rarely talked about and is not well known. It's the missing link that takes people from suffering to happiness. When people see they create their own experiences, they have freedom and free will to let go, surrender and choose to create an experience they desire.

#3 Lynn also showcases her audience's innate wisdom, known as common sense and intuition  Most people have no idea when wisdom speaks because people think it's extraordinary and you need special powers.  In fact, wisdom is ordinary and special powers are not needed.


When her audiences begin to get a glimpse of how they work, they suffer less.  They have less on their mind and more mental bandwidth to create the life they are meant to live. 


If you want to learn more, please contact Lynn directly at as a one-to-one conversation will be more impactful.