Lubna Samara
Minds Beyond Limits
Founder of HigherWill, BSc Maths, MBA, Mentor: Healing Trust

Lubna Samara is an inspirational speaker, healer, and leadership coach.  For over 25 years she has helped people all over the world to heal and grow beyond their limitations to become more focussed, confident, empowered to achieve success, and to find purpose in their work.  Over the past few years she has spoken to thousands of people on Purpose, Spiritual Intelligence, The Superconscious Mind, Servant Leadership and The Higher Self.

Starting her working life as a Mathematician in the Petroleum Industry, Lubna later moved to Investment Banking where she spontaneously started seeing energy fields and receiving guidance on how to use energy to accelerate her own process of healing and growth.  She eventually left her banking career to follow her calling and spent many years devoting a large part of her day to spiritual practices like T'ai Chi, Chi Kung and meditation, and  reading voraciously about spirituality, philosophy, psychology, and mythology as well as attending many courses of various disciplines and methods including NLP, CBT and Breathworks.  During this period which lasted around 8 years, she came to be known by her friends as The Urban Hermit. 

Lubna is founder of HigherWill, winner of Best Leadership & Spiritual Coaching Company in 2021 at the SME Greater London Awards.  She holds a BSc in Maths and an MBA in Finance, and is a long-standing Mentor with The Healing Trust , the largest healing organisation in the UK and one of the most respected worldwide.  


Overriding all the problems that we encounter personally, professionally and globally, Lubna has never lost sight of the Love, Grace and Guidance that surrounds each one of us, equally.