Lorraine LaPointe
Lorraine LaPointe she/her/hers
Mindset Wellness Coach | Leader | Teacher | Speaker
MEd, MHt, M.NLP, Parts & Time Line Therapy, Co-Active Coach

Author of the new book: Perfectionism Unplugged - 7 Strategies to Transform Fear Into Fuel For Success, Cultivate Head Heart Synergy, and Leave a Powerful Legacy. 

Through her speaking and coaching, many experience more profound, meaningful relationships and tame their anxiety, toxic self-talk, and self-sabotage. Suggested Topics: how the brain sciences combine with Intuition, how to "effectively change your mind" and achieve what you want, how to identify and release what's in your way, how to live authentically when you're 50+, etc.

With a delightful sense of humor, warmth, and empowering insights, Lorraine helps people feel calm, more confident, and in control as they explore hidden thoughts, embrace their uniqueness, and become free to build an incredible life.