Lisa Wight she/her/hers
Maximising Small Business Success Rates
BA (Hons) Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations (1st)

Lisa has over 15 years of experience as a business owner, entrepreneur, business coach and SaaS (software as a service) founder.  


She has:

  • taken over her family's business and beat the 70% failure rate of 2nd generation businesses,
  • systemised her business so that it went from taking 70 hours a week and a 5% net profit margin, to 1 hour a week and a 33% net profit margin within 2 years,
  • she averted near bankruptcy and paid back £200,000 from a business that failed
  • been a business coach and helped 100s of clients; prepare their business for sale, increase their efficiencies, 10x their sales wins, increase their capacity and reduce the amount of time it takes to run their business,
  • designed a software platform that business coaches (and advisers) use with their clients to create business strategies, track KPI's and streamline their service offerings,
  • left the UK in 2020 to become a digital nomad, travelling the world while running 3 companies


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These are example talks for Lisa Wight

8 Secrets to Achieving a ONE Hour Work Week

We all want to work less and live more, but is it really possible for us mere mortals? 

This was the question that plagued Lisa Wight circa 2014 after reading the 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. Inspired to take action but not sure if his techniques and advice would work for a run-of-the-mill, small family business in the UK, Lisa got to work. 
After 2 years of 70-hour weeks, Lisa had not only hit a 4-hour work week but surpassed it to just 1 hour. Was it sustainable? Fast forward 5 years, and she is still running her company for 1 hour a week with a 33% net profit margin. 

Inspired by her newfound freedom, she became a business coach motivated to help others achieve similar results, and after working with hundreds of clients, she noticed a pattern emerging as to why business owners struggled with achieving time freedom. 

In this talk, Lisa leverages her own experience and that of hundreds of her clients to guide us on the 8 secrets you need to know in order to achieve a ONE-hour work week, whether you’re a freelancer, one-man band or a small business with a team, these secrets apply to you all.

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7 Steps to Letting Go of Perfect

Perfection is the enemy of progress. 

In order to have the life or business we want, we need to be able to let go of our expectations, but why is it easier said than done? 

Lisa Wight, an entrepreneur from Cambridge, has sculpted both her personal life and career so that she’s able to live the life of her dreams while building businesses she’s passionate about. 

The biggest obstacle she had to overcome? Letting go of perfect. 

In this talk, Lisa walks through why we so often get caught in perfection paralysis, the 80/20 rule, the importance of delegating, and, more importantly, what we can do to get out of the ‘perfection mindset’ and maintain a freeing outlook on ‘getting sh*t done’.

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11 Principles of a F*ck Yes Business

Most business owners start a business because they want more time, freedom, and money. The reality is they end up shackled to their desks, working longer hours, and earning less money than when they were employed. And facing many more unknowns. 

Lisa Wight, CEO of Ablewight & Hubbix and Author of an upcoming book, was, like many business owners, in the same boat. But using a set ‘toolkit’ of exercises and activities to help her reflect and change the daily grind into daily joy (and taking her business from 70 hours a week and 5% net profit to 1 hour a week and 33% net profit) she became a business coach and has helped several business owners achieve similar, or better, results. 

In this talk, Lisa shares her 11 Principles to a F*ck Yes Business to invigorate any business owner by helping them to get out of their own way, delegate more, and ultimately ensure their ‘F*ck Yes Business’ leads to a fulfilling and impact-led ‘F*ck Yes Life’.

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6 Principles of a F*ck Yes Life

We all want to live the life of our dreams, but making those dreams a reality is often difficult, filled with emotional blockages and obligations that make us feel tied down.

Lisa Wight, CEO of Ablewight & Hubbix and Author of an upcoming book, wanted to experience the world, go on adventures, meet new people, and try new food – all while still running her 3 businesses and getting involved in demanding projects.

She knew what she wanted to do, but the how part felt elusive. Feeling like she would never achieve her lifestyle goals made her depressed and unmotivated. After more than 14 years of studying personal and business development, Lisa turned her learning into practical steps and was able to make her dreams come true. It wasn’t easy, but it got done.

In this talk, Lisa guides us on the 6 principles to creating and living your F*ck Yes life, no matter what that means to you or what obstacles you’re personally facing, by getting clarity on your vision, saying ‘no’ more, living with the 80/20 rule, the art of staying focused, and much more.

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