Lisa Lansing
Business Owner | Organization & Efficiency Strategist | Time Management Specialist | Certified Business Systems Professional | Coach

Lisa works with Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who want to calm the chaos and simplify their business and life. She helps them with organization, time management and systems so they can Free their Time to do more of what they love.

Lisa left the corporate world over 20 years ago and started consulting on proposals for Government contracts, managing her own Insurance and Financial Agency as well as raising a family.

Today with 3 businesses under her belt, Lisa’s mission is to help coach others the proven methods and strategies she has used in her own businesses to simplify it all, reduce stress and increase revenue. The step-by-step processes put more time back in your day and creates a well-oil business machine that can run without you. More profit and less time spent.

Lisa loves to learn and has made numerous mistakes on her journey which has taught her valuable lessons and helped her fine-tune what works in business and what doesn’t to keep in all moving forward.

Lisa is the CEO and Founder of Free Your Time. It brings her joy to help others grow and achieve their dreams.

When Lisa is not working you will find her spending time with her two young adult sons, volunteering in the community, helping friends, or at church events. She enjoys the beach, playing sports or going to sporting events, spending time with family and friends, traveling, and reading.