Lisa Gillette
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When you see the BIG PICTURE you can find the opportunities.
ICF PCC, Gallup-certified Strengths Coach, NLF Practitioner

It's true! Women are compassionate! We're creative problem solvers; intuitive and empathetic. We're hardwired to help and our intention is to make things better. But in the business world, women are sometimes accused of being too sensitive, or even worse, “too emotional”. What a career killer! So where do we draw the line? How do we overcome career setbacks and professional disappointments so we can keep advancing forward? How do we handle NO so we can successfully get to YES? How do we deal with difficult bosses, cantankerous colleagues and our own unrealistic expectations about who we “think” we should be, and what we “think” we’re “supposed to be doing”? And the REALLY big question…how do we successfully set boundaries? Especially when we feel we have to “do it all” perfectly.  Let’s cut to the chase. We need to embrace the essential mindset of mental toughness; because good girls never get to lead, they only get to follow. 

As a former sports television executive, I am intimately familiar with the special challenges all women face in the workplace and in the world, especially women in leadership roles. Gender bias is not a myth! The pay gap is real. My intention is to support, guide and empower women to move up the ranks of management all the way into the C suite. My company BIG SKY Coaching & Consulting is based in the belief that when you see the big picture you will find the opportunities. My work now is to empower women to step into their leadership; to be the change that makes the difference, and make the difference that creates the change so needed at this time. I focus on my work as a keynote speaker, career consultant,  certified executive coach, and soon to be the host of my own podcast WOMEN in the WORKSPACE. I coach women working in the corporate arena, offering strategies on how to best navigate corporate culture, negotiate compensation and lead with integrity. I help women to create the career of their dreams with the title and salary they deserve. The time is now for women to take their seats at the head of the table.