Liliana Myers
Liliana Myers
RTT Rapid Transformational Therapist with Marisa Peer ACH Advanced Conversational Hypnosis MACH Masters of Advanced Conversational Hypnosis, with Scott Jansen.

Hi I'm Lili


My mission is to empower women, help them heal their wounds and achieve their highest levels of clarity, creativity and success. 
And I am facilitating this through coaching and hypnotherapy,  using deep conversation, insight and hypnotic trance. 

 I was born in communist Romania and I’ve had my fare and share of ups and downs that taught me valuable lessons… I’ve moved jobs, homes, towns, countries… always in the pursuit of my purpose…. And finally I found it! I found the job that makes my heart joyous and fulfilled! Helping people, being of service where healing, transformation and growing needs to happen.

I believe that in order to grow as persons, transformation has to happen on multiple levels, so we feel whole and fully functional…

  • emotional healing
  • heart and soul healing
  • mental transformation
  • physical healing

i believe that in order to change our lives, we have to make peace with the past, own our truth and our gifts, gain clarity on our goals and commit to follow our vision.