Leah Fink
Leah Fink she/her/hers
Protecting people from the pain of damaged relationships
Registered Social Worker, experience facilitator
Leah Fink has been on her own journey of personal development since she was 14.  She is so passionate about sharing that with others that she  committed the last 12 years to helping people in their own growth.  As a registered social worker, she is able to combine self development and mental health in a powerful way, and bring people experiences that help them learn and integrate new skills in their lives.  Her work focuses on advancing people's relationships to self, others and the world.


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3 Skills You Need for Amazing Relationships with Your Kids
Strong relationships are a critical factor in children's resilience, an essential component of mental wellbeing, and a huge influence on a family's happiness.  We all have unconscious habits in relationships, and they may be effecting our ability to have the connection we want.  By building skills in some key areas, you can have a fantastic relationship with your children, and help set them up for an amazing future!

In this session we will discuss:
- How to understand differences between family members
- How to communicate with empathy in a way that supports healthy behaviour
- How to be able to give feedback in order to strengthen your bond
Family & Parenting
Communication Personal Development +1


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