Leah Diamond
Leah Diamond
Speak your truth mindfully, confidently & with integrity!
Certified: Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Coach/Facilitator

Leah Diamond is passionate about mentoring speakers and online entrepreneurs who struggle with self-doubt and a fear of being seen to find their voice, double their impact, and engage their audience authentically. As a Union Actor with over 40 years of expertise in the industry, she knows what it’s like to have your heart pounding in your chest before your talk, and she also knows the fulfillment of being able to move a room. As a Mindful Leadership, Empowered Presence Mentor, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Certified Coach & Workshop Facilitator with a background in managing Corporate Communications and Human Resources, and a BA in Psychology, her work creates a positive, safe, and compassionate container where she guides them to feel relaxed, evokes confidence, and self-empowerment to speak their truth mindfully and with integrity so that they can make a difference in the world!