Lauri Smith
Lauri Smith she/her/hers
Ditch your grandaddy's speaker training for a soulful way

Lauri Smith is a speaker, author, and intuitive public speaking and leadership coach. She helps sensitive visionaries, ambitious empaths, and loving rebels on a soul-driven mission to stand in their power, speak their truth and Lead. Lauri is the CVO (Caring Visionary Officer) of Voice Matters and the author of Your Voice Matters: A Guide to Speaking Soulfully When It Counts. Her mission is to call forth more open-hearted leaders so they can do their part to change the world with authenticity, creativity and courage. She envisions a world in which everyone shares the vibration of their soul’s purpose with the world through their voices and together, we reach global harmony.


Lauri can always see the soul underneath the static - which makes her really good at motivating people to fight their inner demons and find tremendous inner power.