Lauren Lakebrink she/her/hers
Public Speaker, Storytelling, Author, Trainer, Speaker
BS in Speech Communication

Lauren Lakebrink is a published author, public speaker, trainer, consultant, thought leader, and intuitive empath. She has skills in public speaking, onboarding, corporate training, program development, IT automation, MSO365 development, and data analytics. Lauren’s chapter in Deconstructing GRIT Collection; Tenacity, is about growing up with a learning disability and how she has gained success through her LMC method. The LMC method consists of learning how you learn, making mistakes, and clarifying your communication. Lauren likes to help those folks who feel a little stuck and provide a spark of inspiration through storytelling or conversation. This method works for those who want to take steps toward finding their passion or getting out of a rut. Lauren calls this method a movement thought to take steps forward. Lauren is currently a Senior Training Specialist at World Wide Technology and is an advocate for women in the G.R.I.T. community and through their DE&IB ERG for women. She also finished a leadership certificate at WWT as a ‘Next Generation’ leadership candidate. Lauren helps host mentor & mentee programs, as well as participates in each program. She looks to book speaking opportunities within stages, podcasts, or media interviews.